We don’t “just build websites”. We help entrepreneurs, brands and business build assets; intangible digital assets.
You can use this asset to build online presence, communicate your offerings to potential clients on the internet and so much more. See below for details.


  • WordPress Website
  • R500.00 p/a
    R1000.00 Setup Fee
  • YES FREE Setup
  • YES FREE .co.za/org.za Domains
  • WooCommerce E-commerce/ No
  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • Full cPanel Access
  • 2048 MB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Included cPanel Access
  • YES Online Support
  • WordPress E-Commerce
  • R500.00 p/a
    R2000.00 Setup Fee
  • YES FREE Setup
  • YES FREE .co.za/org.za Domains
  • WooCommerce E-commerce
  • Unlimited Web Traffic
  • Full cPanel Access
  • 2048 MB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Sub-domains
  • Included cPanel Access
  • YES Online Support
  • Website Premium
  • R6999.00 One Time
  • YES Web Design Once-off
  • Optional Custom Development
  • Optional Extra E-Commerce
  • Not Included logo Design
  • Optional Extra Ongoing Support
  • Up to 20 Pages
  • No Annual Design Refresh
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Yes Files & Database Handover
  • Not Included Photography
  • Yes Payment Gateway Integration

Updated it yourself

You only pay for hosting

No Hidden Fees

6 steps to a full website

Fully Responsive

No Hidden Fees

Do I sign a contract if you build it for me?

No. All the packages are paid per annum. If you would like to cancel all you have to do it give is 1 full calendar month’s notice.
Bare in mind; we have a no-refund policy!

Am I able to update my own website?

Yes. In fact we encourage you to do so. Remember, the more your website is updated the better chance it has to rank in Google. We will supply you with all the login details needed to access your easy-to-use content management system.

Can I buy my website or pay a once-off fee?

Yes, you have the option to buy out your website at R6999 once-off.
But most of our customers do not buy out their website as they will lose out on all the added benefits (free WordPress website,  automatic version update, website security, access to an account manager, and so on).

What happens if I buy my website out? Do I still pay for the domain registration and hosting?

It’s optional to host and register your domain with us if you take the buy out option.
NB: Domains are renewed on an annual basis.

NB: The source code will remain the property or Maru Africa or its partners. Therefore, you may not sell the website theme. You will have full, unrestricted use of the theme for only your 1 domain.

Important Definitions!


Is considered to be entered upon first presentation of the design to the customer. The Review time frame lasts 5 days at which point after, the status of the website will then switch to Deployment. The automatic update of the review status will take place if Maru Africa do not hear back from the customer regarding any amendments or changes that the customer wishes to effect. Should we receive communication during this time frame, Maru Africa will effect the changes and then present the customer with the modifications at which point the status of the Website will then move into a Deployment status. The customer will be able to make as many changes as they see fit during this 5 day period.


Is considered to be a final status and deemed to be a live service. The customer accepts that with no communication from them to Maru Africa during a review process, Maru Africa will accept the customers silence as assent to deploy their website.

Intellectual Property

Any content supplied by you the client, has legal ownership of it. All intellectual property be it concepts, drafts, ideas, visuals, creative design, strategy, marketing suggestions, that are presented via phone, email or document shall remain the initial property & ownership of Maru Africa. Until such time a release form is signed by both parties and a mutual agreement has been met to assign any copy writing documents over to the client.

How long will it take to get my new website to go live?

In a perfect world it would take us no more than 7-14 days to build your website.

But we’ve learned that ‘life happens’ during website projects. As a result, we make have allocated 35 days to the design of your website.

This period allows us to meet with you, exchange information, do reviews, etc. See The MaruAfrica Process on the right.

It can be shorder but this depends on a few factors, and the package you select. We will share with your our process and aim to have all websites designed and ready to go live within 35 working days. We can only do this if you help us during the process of interviews, meeting(if necessary) and availability of information. We ask you some questions about your business and request that you send us any images, logos and other business-related collateral which will help us to better understand your business and build your website.

Web Design Terms

With the exception of any Third-Party Materials and Background Technology, the Customer is to be considered the owner of the Custom Website and Customer Content. “Customer Content” means all content or information (including, without limitation, any text, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics, data, or software), in any medium, provided by the Customer to Maru Africa, “Third-Party Materials” means any content, software, or other computer programming material that is owned by an entity other than Maru Africa, and licensed by Maru Africa or generally available to the public, including the Customer, under published licensing terms, and that Maru Africa will use in the development of or to display or run a Custom Website. This excludes, without limitation any copywriting, graphic, video, music, sound manipulation to images or video supplied by the Customer to Maru Africa.

The graphics utilized from Maru Africa graphics library (If requested) are licensed from third-party suppliers OR obtained on a free to use basis. Maru Africa will provide Customer a limited, personal, nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use the graphics during the term of this Agreement. Upon written request, Maru Africa will deliver the Customer’s source files and database script, if applicable, at a pre-determined price indicated upon request from the Customer for the source code. The Customer will be required to remit full payment of the fees prior to Maru Africa providing the information via a method agreed up between Maru Africa and the Customer. Further, Maru Africa will bill pro-rata from the time of signup.

Maru Africa reserve the right to refuse any material that it deems offensive

...and much more

Q. How long does it take to build a website?
A. Your website will be live on the internet within 35 working days from the date we receive the finalized content for your website (i.e. text, images, videos, etc.)

Q. What sort of features can you build into my website?
A. We can build image galleries, contact forms, blogs, newsletters, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook links, video, music, downloadable documents, slideshows and much more.

Q. Is it OK if I have already purchased a domain name?
A. Yes, that is no problem. You just need to provide your domain name account login details so that we can tell your domain name where your new website is located.

Q. Do you add my text and images into the web pages for me?
A. Yes – our website team builds the overall website design, setup your web pages and insert your text and images. We then provide you with the login details to your websites content management system where you can very easily edit your website’s text and images any time in the future.

Q. After you have built my website can I suggest some changes?
A. We provide 30 minutes of free edits after your website has been designed. If you require our designers to make further edits the hourly rate is R450 p/hour.

Q. Can I edit the website when it is complete?
A. Yes –browser-basedbased content management systems makes it easy for you to edit and update your websites text and images when you wish.

Q. Do I need additional software to edit the website content ?
A. No, you do not need to any additional software. The content management system is browser based and built into your website.

Q. How many web pages are included?
A. This depends on the hosting package that you choose. It varies from 5 web pages to an unlimited number of pages.

Q. Do you offer support if I need edits to my website in the future?
A. Yes, our team is always here to help you. We will respond to any email enquiries within 24 hours. If you require professional editing of your website our hourly rate is R450 p/hour.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of of images I can have on my website ?
A. No – there is no limit. However, we do suggest limiting the size of the images that you upload to .4mb.

Q. Do I own the domain name if you register it for me ?
A. Yes – you own the domain name we register for you.

Q. What happens after the 12 months hosting has expired ?
A. We will contact you a month before your 12 months hosting has expired. You have the option of renewing or not renewing your website hosting for an additional year.

Q. Can I take my website to another hosting provider after 12 months?
A. If you wish to leave our website hosting after the 12 months – you may take the websites domain name and the website content that you provided. You will not be able to take the website design as it is built on licensed themes. You would need to get another web design company to design you a new website or pay a once-off fee to extend the theme license to you one domain.

Q. Do you build e-commerce websites?
A. Yes, we build e-commerce websites. E-commerce website setup and integration is charged at R2500.

Q. Can I change my website to an e-commerce website after it is built?
A. Yes, our designers can upgrade your website to our shop hosting package.

Q. How do I accept payments on my e-commerce website?
A. We will provide you with a list of options depending you your requirements.

Q. Can I edit my websites Title, Meta Tags, Keywords etc.?
A. Yes, you can log in to your website’s control panel and set unique Title, Meta Tags and Keywords for each web page.