Start your very own Digital Agency & Web Hosting business. We have partnered with other companies to empower entrepreneurs & youth to thrive through #youTHRIVE!



No Contract. No Fuss. The Reseller once-off setup fee costs R3000, which consists of R1500 credits in your account and R1500 admin fee (incl VAT.) and shall be billed for the set-up of the Reseller account; the balance of the R1500 shall be allocated as funds to the Reseller’s Panel. 
Please note that these fees are non-refundable.


Once-Off Setup fee
What you get

  • A techBOX Website
  • Branded Billing Portal
  • Digital Marketing Tool Subscription
  • Kasipedia Listing & Agency Subscription
  • Access to Booka Accounting Software
  • Your own Domain, Hosting & SSL
  • Simple Logo Design


  • You can make a profit from selling the products and services that work; from us to your clients. But they don't even need to know that we exists because we'll be in the background.
  • Your web hosting & web design agency can get setup in 1 day. You can help customers to get their companies online in an affordable way. Furthermore, eCommerce is a few clicks away with us and you can ask any of our many clients how it's benefitting their businesses.
  • Effectively, by becoming a reseller, you join our community of partners. This allows us to share leads, business opportunities, and more. If you identify other opportunities where we can support you, get in touch and let's see what is possible!
  • We've partnered with Fortify and Kasipedia because we understand that in order to grow our business, we need to work with partners who can easily reach a customer to provide better customer relationship management by being closer to the customer.
  • We do most of the work, you focus on selling and keeping the customer happy.
  • If you sign up as a reseller on youTHRIVE and then activate the affiliate option, you can earn R100 every time your refer another reseller in a different location
  • You are going to get free online training. It won't only be technical; we are going to periodically send out Tips on how you can grow your customer base.
  • As we develop promotional material and marketing collateral, you will have access to it through the youTHRIVE portal, our website and other sources.


We are building a network of partners throughout the country. 
This is the best and most basic explanation of what we want to achieve.
We will work with and through this partner network to help client and deliver better services. 

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