What we do


Solve the toughest challenges faced by your business, identify & unlock new opportunities, and get up and running in no time.

We help organisations implement the right solutions.

Cloud & Tech

We have partnered with the best cloud & hosting technology providers to bring our clients scalability, reliability, and affordability.

Getting started with MaruAfrica requires minimal effort and gives you immediate access to the right combination of technologies.


We create Websites & Mobile applications for businesses, government organisations and non-profits.

We’ll help you turn your ideas into a digital asset that users can interact with on web or mobile interfaces.


We offer solutions for Education, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Digital, Entrepreneurship, Health and more. MaruAfrica offers both custom and a variety of WordPress integrated solutions for brands and business.

Cloud & Tech


  • Mobile Development

    We design, develop and deliver native and/or hybrid mobile apps that harness web servers and server side scripting technologies.

  • Custom Web Development

    Custom, powerful and scalable web applications that are made using agile development processes.

  • WordPress Web Design

    We love opensource WordPress because it is powerful and flexible. It works for almost all types of websites – small or huge.

  • Dev. Project Rescue

    Development Projects can face resource, scope or technology issues you were not anticipating. This often affects quality and budget. Let us help.

  • Consulting/PRO Services

    We have a team of Google Certified Professionals in Digital Marketing. Let’s help you define an online business strategy, implement it & measure the results.

  • Training & Coaching

    Learn fundamentals of development, cloud, digital marketing, and help grow your business or career.

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