Linux Virtual Servers




Our cloud server environments are hosted at state of the art data centres, with the very latest redundancies and security measures in place to safeguard your content. 

Maru Africa provides fast, reliable and secure storage space and access, as well as Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for business & individuals in South Africa.


  1. We don’t control what goes on “inside” your Virtual Private Server. We make sure that your server can switch on. If something breaks but you can connect to your machine, use the Client Area to troubleshoot.
  2. You will get monthly invoice notifications days before the due date. Make sure you pay it before the expiry date. Otherwise, the virtual machine will be deleted with all data. By buying our service you accept these terms and conditions.
  3. It’s good practice to have backups and offline records of any changes, etc. that you make on the server. For example, if you install some software and suddenly you cannot open another application; it’s your responsibility to find out what the issue is.
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Root Access
Gain full root access and deploy the services you need.

You need more power? Upgrade your plan or ask for a custom offer

Locally Hosted
Server location in South Africa achieves the highest speeds for local access.

Super Fast SSD
We deploy SSDs only. SSD is 20 times faster than standard SATA disk drives.

You can simply create backups at any time and restore your systems

Instant Activation
Paying online your VPS will instantly be activated.

High Level of Reliability
Your Hosting is in good hands. We guarantee for 99.9% uptime!

No Contract, Cancel anytime!
If you don’t need our service anymore. No problem, you can cancel at anytime!

Complete Control
You can Power On/Off, Reboot Server, Change Password, Change Hostname, Upgrade and instantly Reload your OS.



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Maru Africa provides fast, reliable and secure storage space and access, as well as Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting for websites in South Africa.

As a secure VPS reseller in South Africa, we have ensured that we can offer the highest speeds of access in both regions which in turn gives us a truly competitive edge. Our VPS servers are in secure server locations in South Africa which attend to the needs of our African customers.

Our services are optimized for reliability and high availability. Our VPS hosting service is offered to both Linux and Microsoft users and we offer five specific VPS plans to suit our various clients’ specific needs. These VPS hosting plans are designed to suit any type and size of business, with affordable monthly payment options.


No matter your Virtual Private Server hosting needs, if you want the best service in virtual server hosting then you can turn to HOSTAFRICA. We underpin our standard of excellence by using only well-known and trustworthy brands of both hardware and software.

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We can offer you a VPS to your exact needs. If you don’t find a suitable server size on our website , please contact us so we can offer you a tailored server to your exact requirements.

A vCPU is a Virtual Processing Unit. One or more vCPUs are assigned to a Virtual Machine (VM). Each vCPU is seen as a single physical CPU core by your servers operating system. Larger packages include more vCPU’s. The CPU is very often not a limiting factor. In the majority of the used cases the most important factor is how much RAM (memory) is needed. Modern PHP/MySQL scripts often use a lot of RAM, so RAM is very important when deciding on the package you buy.

Sure! If you have an existing hosting plan based on cPanel with another hosting company we would be happy to take care of your migration.

Each server is deployed with 1 IP address to start with. You can request additional IP’s from us in case you need it. In such a case we charge a small monthly amount in addition.

We backup your data automatically once a day. These snapshots allow you to roll back your virtual server to a previous state. You are also free to take a snapshot whenever you want from your control panel.

You can host as many websites as you like on your virtual server, we do not define any limit. You just have to ensure the size of your VPS is always sufficient for the amount of resources your sites use. Your VPS can be upgraded or downgraded at any time to suit the number of sites you intend to host.

Currently you can choose between the following Linux versions: Cent OS 7, Cent OS 6, Debian 8.0, Debian 7.0, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.10, Fedora 23, Fedora 22. For Windows we offer Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. Other Version are available on request.

Easily login to your customer section, choose the product and click up- or downgrade. Upgrades will be processed immediately, downgrades at the end of the month.