With the exception of any Third-Party Materials and Background Technology, the Customer is to be considered the owner of the Custom Website and Customer Content. “Customer Content” means all content or information (including, without limitation, any text, music, sound, photographs, video, graphics, data, or software), in any medium, provided by the Customer to Maru Africa, “Third-Party Materials” means any content, software, or other computer programming material that is owned by an entity other than Maru Africa, and licensed by Maru Africa or generally available to the public, including the Customer, under published licensing terms, and that Maru Africa will use in the development of or to display or run a Custom Website. This excludes, without limitation any copywriting, graphic, video, music, sound manipulation to images or video supplied by the Customer to Maru Africa.

The graphics utilized from Maru Africa graphics library (If requested) are licensed from third-party suppliers OR obtained on a free to use basis. Maru Africa will provide Customer a limited, personal, nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use the graphics during the term of this Agreement. Upon written request, Maru Africa will deliver the Customer’s source files and database script, if applicable, at a pre-determined price indicated upon request from the Customer for the source code. The Customer will be required to remit full payment of the fees prior to Maru Africa providing the information via a method agreed up between Maru Africa and the Customer. Further, Maru Africa will bill pro-rata from the time of signup.

Maru Africa reserve the right to refuse any material that it deems offensive



Is considered to be entered upon first presentation of the design to the customer. The Review timeframe lasts 5 days at which point after, the status of the website will then switch to Deployment. The automatic update of the review status will take place if Maru Africa do not hear back from the customer regarding any amendments or changes that the customer wishes to effect. Should we receive communication during this timeframe, Maru Africa will affect the changes and then present the customer with the modifications at which point the status of the Website will then move into a Deployment status. The customer will be able to make as many changes as they see fit during this 5 day period.


Is considered to be a final status and deemed to be a live service. The customer accepts that with no communication from them to Maru Africa during a review process, Maru Africa will accept the customers silence as assent to deploy their website.