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Freelancers and Employers can register and create their profiles in a few simple steps. Maru.Africa then becomes a marketplace for projects posted by employers where the freelancers have the option to submit a proposal for employers to review.

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    Give your first and last name, choose a unique username and tell us what e-mail address we can reach you on to verify your account.

  • Creating a profile...

    A bit more detail

    You must then tell us:

    • where you are located;
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    Verifying your account

    It wouldn't be much of a platform for verified users if we didn't confirm that you own the email address you provided!

    Look out for a unique verification code and enter it here to complete your sign-up.


Find Projects or Freelancers

It's time to work!

It is time to now give the details about the work you need to be completed so that freelancers can bid to get it done professionally and at an affordable/manageable amount.

  • Posting a project/job?

    Looking for certain skill sets?

    Posting your project is free of charge! and once it's on the platform, our freelancers will send you proposals. Of course, another way you can get access to talent is by going through the platform and making a direct offer to the freelancer.

  • Project/Job Details

    Be very clear what you want

    If you require specific skill sets, pricing, or availability, now is the opportune time to provide all details.

    Provide/Choose the following:

    • Job Description (Budget, Duration, Skill levels, etc.)
    • Job Categories
    • Languages
    • Skills Required
    • Featured Job
    • Attachments (where applicable)
  • Choose a Freelancer

    Convinced you have the right provider?

    After Employers add projects/tasks to the marketplace, the Freelancers have the option to submit their proposals for the Employer to review.

    The Employer compares proposals and selects the best one, awards the project and the successful Freelancer gets going with the work.

  • Doing the work

    Freelancers at Work

    The Freelancer gets paid according to a schedule of goals agreed with the Employer, or only upon completion.

    As a Freelancer, you are in control via the dashboard, this allows you to stay on top of the project.
    The one-to-one message inbox system enables you to communicate with each other.

    The built-in review system also gives employers the ability to give feedback and rate the work carried out by Freelancers.


Get Paid!

Understanding how payments work
  • Once a proposal is accepted, the employer is required to make the payment which would be received by Maru.Africa
  • The payment als reflects in the Freelancer's wallet
  • Maru.Africa keeps a 6% handling fee + VAT for the transaction and shows the balance in the Freelancer's wallet under the pending payments section.
  • Once the project is completed and approved by the Employer, the amount moves from pending balance section to available balance in Freelancer’s wallet.