Case Study – Preparing For When Students Return To Campus

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Will occupancy levels be adapted to allow for social distancing? We’re going to walk through some different tools and scenarios to help you plan and prepare. 

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As business decisions roll out globally around the response universities are taking for students to return to campus safely, many student housing operators continue to refine their planning and preparedness for what move-in transition might look like in the coming months. Will occupancy levels be adapted to allow for social distancing? We’re going to walk through some different tools and scenarios to help you plan and prepare for what’s ahead.


Occupancy Planning

Right now, most of our community is in the midst of considering the occupancy plans, which might include adjusting doubles to singles or triples to doubles using the Date Dependent Room Configuration (DDRC) tools. We know some are considering expanding their housing with local hotels as one possible option. Either way, StarRez has a complete set of tools to make importing and configuring rooms easier.

Room Selection and Allocation

Managing room selection while working from home is a new challenge, but one quickly met with the latest online chat tools for PortalX. Our chat feature makes it very easy for your team to help students or parents through the process as needed.

For room allocation, any new student not currently assigned to a room or students already assigned can be automatically allocated or re-allocated using Auto-Allocate. This tool also considers room and roommate preferences if this information is collected, and students love being having a say in their rooms and roommates, regardless of space configuration.

Touchless Move-In

StarRez can help with this significant event with innovative approaches, including direct-to-room move-ins with digital lock integration, varied timeslot bookings to spread out your arrivals, and a touchless check-in with barcodes. Our Fast Check-in/Out tool will enable you to scan barcodes on a student’s phone, tablet, or printed move-in document. Alternatively, The University of Birmingham allows students to use their phone to open the door and move into a room, without any check-in required.

StarRez helps provide an exceptional resident experience at the best of times, but it can prove crucial in an emergency. Our student housing software has guided users and helped them respond to COVID-19 with maximum efficiency and consideration for the safety and well-being of their staff and student communities. If you’re keen to learn more about how we can streamline your housing management needs, in times of crisis and beyond, reach out to our team to find out how we can help.

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