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We leverage cloud-based technology and strategic partnerships to sell software licenses, professional and managed services, and supporting infrastructure to clients on a subscription or fixed term contract basis.

Our Solutions

The StarRez student resident and property management platform has been carefully constructed with automation, scalability, security, and resident welfare in mind.

StarRez helps over 800 customers worldwide to create thriving communities, and is the leading provider of housing accommodation automation software solutions on the market.

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J-cred performs electronic KYC, Credit & Identity verification searches for clients from sensitive, robust and complex environments. J-cred is a web-based search application, which grants information and services to various groups of authorities. This includes, but is no limited to:

  • Deed Office
  • ID Verification
  • Citizenship & Passport verification
  • Marital Trace
  • Criminal Checks
  • Credit Checks
Eco X consists of integrated modules ranging from Human Capital Management, Project Management, Compliance, Risk, Corporate Governance, Contract Management, KYC and E-Commerce off-the-shelf! We help organisations with Employee on-boarding, recruitment, performance management, Learning and Development, IR, Talent Management, Competency Dictionary,Corporate Governance Automation, including evidence, knowledge base, scorecards and dashboards,Data consolidation and Integration to BDA, Bloomberg and other financial APIs. Custom workflow solutions, automated trading dashboards with KPI reporting, and more.

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